Today, progress in orthopedics and related sciences is taking place at a very rapid pace, and in order to keep up with other medical centers around the world, it requires continuous and extensive research to evaluate the efficacy of current diagnostic and therapeutic methods and to find more appropriate methods. Due to the lack of orthopedic specialized research center at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences as one of the most important medical universities in the country and the growing need for such a center by orthopedic faculty members, Akhtar Hospital Orthopedic Research Center Shahid Beheshti Medicine was founded in 2008 by arthroscopic surgeon and orthopedic researcher, Dr Morteza Kazemi with the aim of promoting the scientific and research level of professors, orthopedic assistants, medical students and rehabilitation students, in order to provide facilities and space for presenting the opinions and views of those interested. Since its inception, the members and researchers of the center have been fully committed to raising the level of knowledge and good service, and in the course of a short period of time, have produced several research papers and projects to transform the center into a scientific center of the country. Therefore, the center welcomes all those who are interested in doing orthopedic research and have open-ended research ideas and use their full potential to help with research projects and projects.